Urtext is not Enough

Playing Beethoven in the Light of Czerny

Jean-Yves Haymoz, Laurence Herklots-Jeanningros
Jean-Yves Haymoz and Laurence Herklots-Jeanningros here approach the question of musical interpretation and its relationship to notation through the figure of Carl Czerny and his teaching. A careful reassessment of texts and scores allows for new perspectives on pianistic practice, with a consciousness of the gains of “Urtext” but with a desire for a greater interpretative flexibility. This opens up new paths in Beethoven performance as well as in the performance of the remainder of the 19th-century repertoire. This topic will be explored in greater detail in a research project of the HES-SO and in a forthcoming book in collaboration with Rémy Campos and Pierre Goy.

by moxi